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Customize colors

All colors used in the theme can be customized in the customizer.

Go to customizer » general » colors – and adjust the colors in the color palette. The dark background color is global color number 7.

Some colors are individually chosen in the widget itself. To change those, go to the particular page » click on edit page » select the row/column/widget and change whatever you want in the settings on the right side.

Customize fonts

All fonts in the theme can be changed in the customizer.

Go to customizer » general » typography, and there you can set all the settings for the base font and headings fonts.

Customize headers

Except the header on the hompage, all other headers can be customized in the customizer. The header on the homepage can be configured on the page itself.

For the headers of the default pages go to customizer » general » page layout. In the general tab you can set the settings, in the design tab you can set the colors, fonts and such.

For the archive header under the posts menu item, go to customizer » blog posts » archive layout. Fot the header of the single post pages go to customizer » blog posts » single post layout

Customize footer

The items in the footer are built with the widget builder in WordPress. Go to appearance » widgets » and adjust the widgets called footer 1, footer 2 and footer 3.

Customize footer

In this theme there are 2 sidebars created. One for the regular pages, which is sidebar one. The other is for the blog posts, which is sidebar 2. To configure those sidebars go to appearance » widgets and adjust sidebar 1 and 2.

For both sidebars there is some CSS used. To find the CSS go to customizer » additional css. There you can find where the css is made for by checking the comments.

CSS we made

We added some custom css to make some parts of the website more beautifull. To find the CSS, go to customizer » additional. There you will find all CSS we made. The CSS we made is for:

  • design for the navigation menu in sidebar
  • design for the categories section in sidebar in the single post
  • the tags in the single post layout

And some other CSS. Check the comments in de CSS section to see for which part the CSS is made.

Other points to note

In the footer you will find a page for the privacy policy. Those are filled with dummy text, but we highly recommend filling those with your won congent to comply with the legal rules.

If you have more questions, submit a ticket on our website and we gladly help you where we can.